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Just Bought a New Home? Make it Inviting with a Cozy Winter Feel!

New Home Designs Hermosa Beach CA

Use these new home design ideas to make your home feel cozy this winter.

Once you close on your new home, all you want to do is get settled in it. You’ve spent weeks – if not months! – dreaming about finally moving in, and now you get to bring those dreams to life.  While your new home might be in disarray as you unpack and get organized, setting up one room right away gives you and your family a space to relax away from the move-in craziness. Your living room is the perfect room in your new home to settle into first, and these home design tips can help you give it a cozy winter feel.

  • Cover up your windows. You’ll be amazed how dramatically hanging window coverings affects your room! Thick, luxurious-looking drapes will instantly make your living room feel put together and give it a warming feel this winter. Hanging those drapes shouldn’t take much time or energy, and the effect is instant!
  • Add to your couches. Similarly, setting up throws and pillows on your couches will make your living room look comfortable and lived in. Opt for plush fabrics to make the space look inviting and cozy.
  • Dig out your décor. Once you’ve got the main pieces of furniture in your room, you can make your space look finished by setting your favorite décor pieces on them. Arrange vases in gaps where you haven’t yet put books on your bookshelf, create a cute display for your coffee table, and the first room of your home will feel put together and welcoming right away!

Are you still waiting to close on your home? If you require escrow services, contact Brighton Escrow. Our team of expert officers serves Hermosa Beach and the surrounding California cities. Our goal is to help you close as quickly and easily as possible so you can start using these tips in your new home this winter!

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