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Rental Case of the Month

All the laws and regulations that go along with renting a property can be confusing. Some confusion can lead to lawsuits in the event that a renter thinks that their landlord is not following the correct rules. The Lyles v. Sangadeo-Patel case made a ruling that can affect all renters in California.

The case called upon the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance, which allows a tenant to withhold rent payments if the landlord does not register the property. The ordinance also states that once the property is registered, all the withheld rent has to be paid.

The tenant in this case had been renting a property and paying rent for nine years. When the tenant found out that the landlord had not registered the property, he sued for his nine years of rent to be returned.

The Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the landlord, since the ordinance does not allow tenants to forgo paying their rent in the event that the landlord did not register the property. All payments would have to be made after the filing of the registry anyway.

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