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Title Companies & Escrow Agents

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Understanding The People Involved In Closing

The process of closing on a home is inevitably exciting for both the buyer and the seller. The buyer is getting into his or her new home, a place to build memories with loved ones that will offer refuge from the world. The seller gets to see a tangible return on his or her real estate investment and gets an influx of capital. For both parties, there is enthusiasm surrounding the whole process.

Perhaps because of this positive energy making it seems unnecessary to slow down and understand the process, there can also be confusion about the roles of two new parties who enter into the real estate transaction during the closing process. They are:

The Title Company:

To protect the buyer from making a significant financial investment only to run into trouble with liens, fraud, or any issues that could compromise the buyer’s full ownership of the home a title company gets involved. The title company searches the home’s title to ensure that it is clear.

The Escrow Officer:

When the closing process begins, an escrow officer helps secure the title, opens an escrow account, and handles all the paperwork related to the finalizing of the purchase. The escrow officer serves as an unbiased third party to safeguard the closing process and ensure both the buyer and seller are best served. Escrow services ensure that the closing process will stay on track and on time.

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