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How To: Open Escrow

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Tips For Buyers And Sellers When Opening Escrow

When it comes time to open escrow, you are probably excited. That means that you have either found the right seller to buy your house, or have found your next home and are getting ready to move in. It also means that you have a process ahead of you, so it is important to do everything you can to help everything move forward smoothly. Here are a few tips you should use.

  • For Buyers: Let your escrow officer know the name of your mortgage lender right away. Since getting approval for that home loan usually takes the most time of any part of the escrow process, ensure you are responding to requests from your lender immediately. Also, let your officer know if your closing funds will come from another country or a stockbroker.
  • For Sellers: Do not skip payments on your existing mortgage just because you are in the process of escrow. If you need to make a property tax payment during escrow, ask your escrow officer how best to proceed. Order the necessary inspections and repairs in a timely manner and ensure your property is available to these professionals.
  • For Both Parties: You will receive an escrow opening document package. Sign it right away and return it as quickly as possible. If you are going to be out of town during any part of the escrow process, let your officer know and consider designating someone else with the Power of Attorney to sign necessary documents on your behalf. Be quick to respond when you receive a request from your officer.

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