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It’s Barbecue Season! Check Out These Grilling Safety Tips To Prevent Any Mishaps

Grilling Safety Tips For Barbecue Season

Protect your barbecue with these grilling safety tips!

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to fire up the grill. Barbecue season is here! But before you start cooking your hamburgers and hot dogs, be sure to brush up on your barbecue safety. Check out these grilling safety tips to avoid any dangerous mishaps.

Keep a Safe Distance.

Ensure that you keep your barbecue at least ten feet from your home. Any closer and you risk a house fire. Additionally, you should keep the grill away from any shrubbery or low hanging tree branches and never keep anything flammable near the barbecue.

Be Wary of Kids & Pets.

Learning how to cook with mom or dad can be exciting for a kid and those delicious smells may be tantalizing for your pets, but ensure that you keep them away from the grill. Getting too close can increase their risk for a barbecue mishap. Play it safe and keep them a safe distance away.

Open The Lid.

When it comes to starting your barbecue, be sure that you open the lid before your turn on the gas. When you leave the lid closed, gas builds up and can cause an explosion when you light it. Ensure that you stay safe and keep your grill open.

Remove Fat & Grease.

Fat drippings and grease tend to build up as you cook, but grease fires pose a serious risk when grilling. Ensure that you reduce your risk for grease fires by cleaning the grill before and after you use it.

Check For Leaks.

When using a gas powered grill, be sure to inspect your barbecue for leaks before you light it. Make a soapy solution and rub it all over the gas hose. Turn on the gas without lighting the flame and look for any bubbles on the hose. If you notice any bubbles, you have a leak, and your grill needs to be fixed before you use it.

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