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Keep Your Home Safe for National Safety Month with These Tips

Home Safety Tips For National Safety Month

Ensure your safety with these home safety tips for National Safety Month.

It’s National Safety Month! In an effort to raise awareness about preventable injuries, National Safety Month was created. Celebrate the occasion by ensuring that your home is hazard-free. Check out these tips to run a home safety audit to keep you and your family protected.

Poisonous Substances.

Check your home for any chemicals, expired medications, or anything other substance that would be harmful if consumed. Properly dispose of anything that you don’t need, and be sure to label and safely store the substances. They should be out of reach and locked away, especially if you have kids.

Fire Safety.

Whether it’s an electrical fire or a candle accident, house fires are not uncommon. Ensure that you put safety first. Check your electronics for any broken or frayed wires, never leave candles unattended, make sure that your smoke detectors are in proper working order and ensure that you have fire extinguishers handy on every floor of your home. Additionally, ensure that your family knows what to do in the event of a fire. Keep an evacuation plan and practice it every so often.

Slips & Falls.

No one intends for anyone to slip and fall. However, sometimes a loose stair or fraying rug can do some damage. Comb through your home to ensure that there aren’t any problem areas that could lead to a fall.

Avoid Water Mishaps.

From bathtub disasters to pool accidents, drowning is another home safety risk. Ensure that you take precautions and set a perimeter around the pool. Fence in the pool so that small children can’t easily access the water. Additionally, never leave small children unattended in the bathtub.

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