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How to Keep Your Electric Bill Low This Summer

Although the hot summer weather is perfect when you are lounging by the pool, it is not something to be enjoyed while indoors. The rising temperature indoors can lead to higher electric bills this summer. Follow these tips to ensure that your electrical bill does not drain your bank account.

  • Cover the windows. Keeping the curtains closed can reduce cooling costs by up to 30 percent. Consider investing in thermal-backed drapes or exterior solar shades to keep your home even cooler.
  • Utilize fans. Although ceiling fans do not actually cool a room, they can help them feel up to eight degrees cooler. Make sure to only run fans while you are home, since running fans will only add to your electric bill.
  • Keep it dark. Make sure to turn off all lights when you leave a room. Try not to use lights during the daytime when sunlight provides enough light.
  • Skip the oven. Not only does the oven make your house hotter, it also uses almost 90 percent more energy than the microwave.

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