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Three Remodeling and Makeover Trends for 2014

Keeping up with the latest trends and makeover ideas can be rough. Brighton Escrow has some ideas that could mean a significant increase in the resell value of your current home or the look of a home you just purchased. These trends focus on specific rooms of the home instead of full remodeling and makeover projects. 

California is known for its cuisine and if you want to increase the value of your home there is no better place to start than with a modern kitchen. Modern kitchens create an open airy space with their simple, yet functional, steel and grey color scheme. This may seem harsh to some, but the rooms can easily be warmed with the right lighting and fixtures.

If the kitchen is not a problem zone in your home, look to the bathroom. The bathroom space is always a problem for many new homeowners or homeowners wanting to sell.  The latest trend is in vintage fixtures, claw foot tubs, and gold touches. Extravagance and comfort are the top of the list for bathroom must haves.

A final place to look for remodeling and makeovers in the home are the fixtures. The room can be changed dramatically with the simple addition of bronze or copper fixtures. Try them in a room at a time and move through the house for a gradual upgrade. 

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