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Learn How To Fight Seasonal Allergies With These Tips

Tips To Fight Seasonal Allergies

Reduce your seasonal allergy symptoms with these tips!

Spring brings longer days, more sunlight, and warmer temperatures. While it’s the perfect time for new plants and flowers to sprout, spring is also allergy season. All the pollen in the air can aggravate your seasonal allergies. From sneezing to itchy eyes, help alleviate your symptoms with these tips to help reduce your seasonal allergies.

Avoid gardening. While the beautiful weather may be tempting, don’t spend too much time in your garden. Mowing the lawn and pruning the roses can stir up pollen in the air that can aggravate your allergies. Either have someone else do the gardening or be sure to wear a pollen mask if working outside.

Shower before bed. The air is riddled with pollen particles. As you go about your day these particles stick to your skin, hair, and clothes. However, if you don’t rinse them off before bed, you can make your allergies worse. Be sure to change clothes when you get home and shower before you go to sleep.

Keep laundry inside to dry. While hanging your clothes to dry is great, it’s not always the best choice for your allergies. Be sure to hang your clothes inside rather than outside. When you hang your clothes outside, they’re susceptible to collecting pollen.

Pay attention to pollen counts. When there’s more pollen in the air, you have a greater risk of experiencing symptoms. Be sure to check forecasted pollen counts and take precautions accordingly.

Keep the indoors pollen-free. Keep your doors and windows closed and use an air filter to help reduce the amount of pollen in your home. Try using a portable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Additionally, be sure to dust and vacuum frequently to keep pollen at bay.

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