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Tips for a Smooth Move





The secret to a successful move is to plan ahead. Moving requires that you take care of a great deal of details. Leaving everything to the last minute can cause stress and delays. The following offers some tips to help facilitate your moving experience.

Book your mover in advance: Research your options online to find the best deals. Have several companies visit your home to give estimates for your move. Once you’ve decided on a company, book the dates you need them for well in advance.

Purge your belongings: Get rid of old, unwanted or unneeded items before your movers come. This includes clothes, furniture, electronics, toys, etc. 

Budget your move: Set a moving budget and work towards that goal. To save money, pack and move as much as you can on your own. 

Notify key companies and people of your move: This includes your bank, insurance company, utilities and phone company, kids’ school, employer, etc. Set a date to have your utilities cut off or transferred to your new location. 

Fix your current home: Inspect the property thoroughly and complete whatever maintenance or repairs that need to be done. 

For more stress free moving tips or to learn more about real estate in the Hermosa Beach, California, area, contact Brighton Escrow. 

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