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Do Not Miss The Maeya Art Festival

2015 Maeya Art FestivalMark Your Calendar For This Multicultural Event

Have you been looking for events to fill your weekends that will benefit you culturally and aesthetically? If so, you will not want to miss the upcoming Maeya Art Festival. It will be one of the premier events in Hermosa Beach and the surrounding area this year. Do not be stuck at home wondering about things to do- mark your calendar for this beautiful festival next weekend.

The 2015 Maeya Art Festival will be held at the Promenade On the Peninsula at 550 Deep Valley Drive in Rolling Hills Estates. So you can get the most out of the festival, it will run from Friday, January 23rd to Sunday, January 25th giving you three days to explore the wonders it has to offer. The art festival is a competition designed to showcase local and global artists in a way that is appealingly accessible to the local community.

This event aims to be elegantly executed with simultaneous emphasis on education and entertainment. For the chance to explore art pieces from all over the world, meet the artists behind them, and engage in a meaningful multicultural exchange you will want to make sure you head to this festival. This event will be great for the family, and will give you the chance to expose your children to some of the great beauty the world has to offer. Additionally, kids and adults alike will benefit from the instruction in the available workshops.

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