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Make Closing Escrow Easy

escrow service hermosa beach caSimplify The Process For Yourself And Others With These Tips

Congratulations! You are ready to either buy or sell a home, and have found a party to enter into the real estate transaction with you. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, your end goal is to close escrow so you can either secure payment for your home or get into the home you love as quickly as possible. To help you best do that, we would like to offer these tips:

  1. Choose Carefully: You have the choice when it comes to choosing an escrow provider. By choosing one that is independent and fully licensed, you ensure there is a completely neutral third party who is qualified to assist in closing the real estate transaction.
  2. Be Quick To Speak: Mom may have told you to think before you speak, but when it comes to connecting with your escrow officer be as quick with your responses as you can be. If your officer is contacting you, they need information from you to move the transaction forward. Avoid delays by getting back to them right away.
  3. Mark Your Calendar: When you sign your loan documents, you will meet with your escrow officer. Make sure that you mark your calendar for a 60-minute time slot, as that is the length of time most document signings take.
  4. Come Prepared: When meeting with your officer, make sure you have the documents you need. Both buyer and seller should bring a photo ID, and the home buying party will need to bring the name and address of their homeowners insurance provider.

To learn more about escrow accounts and how to keep your escrow process smooth, contact the escrow experts at Brighton Escrow, located in Hermosa Beach. We are bonded and licensed, and offer full-service independent escrow services to our clients in Southern California and beyond. With decades of experience and a commitment to care, we are dedicated to making sure closing escrow is a snap for you. Call us today!

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