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Closing Escrow Before the New Year

If you are looking at escrow closing at the end of 2013 or the new year of 2014, there are some particular dates you should consider. First of all, the recorder will be closed on November 28 and 29, December 25 and January 1. Additionally many lenders either close early or are closed altogether on the eve of a holiday, which can cause you to lose even more closing opportunities. Plan accordingly to manage your escrow so that you aren’t caught without a closing appointment due to the holidays.

By avoiding the holiday madcap of other real estate purchasers interested in closing escrow by the end of the year, have everything you need to complete the process. If you avoid any untimely delays on your end of the table, you’ll be one step ahead from others in the same situation of closing escrow. Here at Brighton Escrow in Hermosa Beach, CA we want you to have a happy holiday season by closing on your escrow before the new year begins. If you have any questions or concerns with this procedure, contact us for assistance in the escrow process.

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