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New Home Buyers: 5 Tips For Moving In

So you’ve made the big buy and now you’re ready to move in! What should new home buyers do first? We’d like to offer you five tips once you’ve gained possession:

1. Clean Inside

Even when you are purchasing a new home, dust is prevalent! Whether it is construction dust, or dust from previous homeowners, a good cleaning should happen before any boxes or furniture makes the task difficult!

2. Meet the neighbors

No matter where you live, hospitality and friendliness make a place more comfortable. Get to know your neighbors and let them know a bit about your schedule.

3. Put Up Curtains

You might get to know your neighbors, but you still will want privacy! One of the first things that should be done in a new home is put up curtains or blinds in all the windows.

4. Move in Furniture

Moving in furniture should be next, since the larger items are difficult to move around boxes. If you have one or two new pieces being delivered that’s one thing, but moving in your bed, couches and appliances before your personal items is really the way to go.

5. Unpack One Room at a Time

Mark your boxes when packing and choose your most lived-in room to unpack first. This is usually your bedroom and kitchen. Reduce stress by organizing one room at a time so you have livable spaces as quickly as possible.

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