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Lower Your Electricity Bills This Summer

Lower Your Electricity Bills This Summer


Freeze Your Costs During The Hotter Months

The summer is heating up, which is great news for your pool and beach plans but not so great for your electricity bills. You may find yourself torn between sweltering away in your own home or just biting the bullet and paying a much higher electric bill for the next couple of months. Fortunately, there is a third option! To help you lower your electricity bills during the hottest time of the year, use these great summer tips.

  • Draw Your Shades: Leaving your blinds open allows the warming sun to come into your home, while keeping the shades drawn provides, well, shade. Give your house protection from the sun by keeping your shades closed during daylight hours this summer.
  • Use Your Vents: Hot air rises. In order to keep your entire house cool, close most of the vents on the ground floor and open all of the vents upstairs to help keep the rooms that would get the hottest cooler without using more energy than you need.
  • Air Dry Your Clothes: Your dryer uses a lot of energy and creates more heat in your house. Air dry your clothes to help cut your electricity bill and help keep your house more comfortable.
  • Leave Your AC Alone: Stop fiddling with your air conditioning system. Just leave it at the same temperature to get better results while using less energy. Better yet, turn off the AC and use your ceiling fans to keep cool. Just remember to turn them off when you leave the room to save energy, since fans only cool people, not rooms.

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