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Front Yard Landscaping Tips To Help You Sell

Front Yard Landscaping Tips To Help You Sell

Your Helpful Guide To Landscaping To Sell

We all know that curb appeal is important. You want to make the best possible first impression on potential home buyers, and consequently are likely thinking about doing some landscaping. If you do not have this type of experience, we want to offer these front yard landscaping tips to help you sell.

  • Have A Game Plan: Figure out the most problematic areas of your front yard (i.e. the eyesores) and how you want to remedy them. Create your plan for your front yard and your budget for how much you want to spend, and make sure you stick to both.
  • Mind Your Mulch: Laying new mulch can completely transform your front yard. Apply a fresh layer to all of your garden beds, and the colors of your surrounding flowers will suddenly pop.
  • DIY: Having a landscaper come in can get pricey, and you might end up paying up to four times more than if you had done the planting yourself. Set aside a day to get a little dirty and take on your landscaping needs on your own. Gather skilled friends or family members, buy them dinner as a thank you, and you have the help you need to make any sized project possible.
  • Use Containers: A few container plants on your front porch will add a lot of visual interest for a small amount of work. Large tropical plants are a favorite of buyers.

You put a lot of work into getting your home ready to sell. Why should you have to put a lot of work into your closing process, too? To get a team of dedicated California escrow officers on your side, contact Brighton Escrow. Conveniently located in Hermosa Beach, we are here to make sure the last part of selling a home is not a hassle for you.

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