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Who Needs Notification of a Change of Address When You Move?

Who Needs Notification of a Change of Address When You Move?

If you’re moving this summer, make sure you let the right people know about your change of address.

You have a lot of to-dos when you get ready to move. But there’s one you need to make sure doesn’t slip through the cracks! Failure to notify the proper parties of your change of address can result in a whole lot worse that mixed up mail.

For example, in California, you’re legally required to update your voter registration when you move to a new address. And your insurance provider could also cancel your coverage if they’ve learned you’ve moved and didn’t let them know! Clearly, notifying the right people about your new location is pretty important. It can also feel pretty overwhelming, though.

To help make updating your address feel more manageable, we’ve compiled this short checklist of parties you need to notify:

  • Your employer
  • Your insurer(s)
  • Your bank and credit card companies
  • Your utility providers
  • The DMV
  • The Secretary of State (for voter change of address)
  • Your doctor(s) and dentist
  • Your kids’ school(s)
  • Any loan providers
  • Your veterinarian
  • Relevant government entities if you’re receiving Social Security, pensions, welfare, etc.

Also, while these aren’t as crucial, it’s probably a good idea to let the following know about your move (unless you like lost mail):

  • Friends and family who send you holiday cards
  • Anyone who might send you a bill (e.g. your mechanic)
  • The circulation departments of magazines or catalogues to which you subscribe
  • Your alma mater

We hope this checklist makes your upcoming move easier!

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