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Should you Hide a House Key Outside?

When it comes to safety at home, having a set of keys outside your house can seem a little silly. Hiding a house key outside will always place a risk, but the amount of risk may not be what you expect.

The Hiding Spot

A major consideration when you are trying to find the perfect place to hide a key is whether it is an obvious place or not. A lockbox is too obvious because a thief will smash the box, take the key and then steal. Less obvious hiding places may be appropriate, as long as it is not clearly a spot for a key.

Avoiding the Risks

When you want to ensure a key is available when you accidentally get locked out, it may not be wise to leave your key outside. Instead, give a spare key to a trusted neighbor, friend or family member. If you get locked out, then they can give you the key.

Hiding your key may seem like a smart way to avoid getting locked out, but it also puts you at risk. Consider the risk of discovery before you decide on a place to hide your spare key. To learn more about protecting your home in California, contact Brighton Escrow.

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