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Smart Strategies for Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel project may be the perfect way to update your space without feeling overwhelmed or taking on more than you can handle. The key to simplifying the process is applying the appropriate strategies to the project to make it a little easier.

Use the Same Plumbing

The footprint of the bathroom is the location of the current plumbing elements. Instead of changing the entire space around, keep the sink, toilet and tub in the same location so that the drains and plumbing do not require additional work.

Make a Plan

Planning can reduce the number of hassles that arise during the project. Take the time to plan out everything and then stick to that plan. Do not deviate, or you may face unexpected challenges.

Focus on the Lights

Changing out the light fixtures is a simple task that makes a big difference. Focus on the lights to adjust the look of the space without a large investment.

Keeping your remodeling project simple can seem challenging, but the right strategy can make the process easier than you might expect. To learn more about updating or changing your restroom in a California home, contact Brighton Escrow.

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