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The Benefits of Home Buying during the Holidays

Contrary to popular opinion, shopping for a home during the holidays is not pure madness. Many home buyers are discovering that year end home shopping offers its share of benefits. The following explores the advantages of year end home buying as compared to other seasons. 

Less competition/lower home costs: As few people shop for homes during the holiday season, there’s less competition for the home you want to buy. Home prices are also lower to compensate for the slow season. This gives you a double advantage in getting the home you desire.  

Serious Sellers: Only motivated sellers put their homes on the market at this time. Knowing the owner is serious about selling gives you greater power to negotiate a good deal.

Tax Deduction: Both you and the seller can qualify for a tax deduction if you conclude the sale before year’s end. This provides greater incentive to agree on a price and close the deal.

Better Interest Rates: Because there’s less demand for mortgage loans during the holidays, lenders traditionally lower interest rates in December and January in order to attract business. 

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