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The Mysterious Escrow Process Explained

The escrow process ensures that parties involved a fully protected, and that all laws and requirements for a real estate transaction are followed correctly. This life cycle works as follows:

  • An escrow company is hired to handle the actual sale.
  • The escrow office generates the sale paperwork and issues instructions.
  • The escrow office researches any liens on the property and that property taxes are paid and up to date.
  • The office then ensures all loan documents are in order and approved if the purchase is financed.
  • The final original signatures are then ensured and confirmed on the real estate documents.
  • The escrow office also received any down-payment and closing cost payments from a buyer.
  • The office then triggers the loan funding of the sale from the lender.
  • Closing statements are prepared and the payment is provided to the seller.
  • The loan is then closed and filed with the lender and all parties.
  • Copies of documents are distributed to the seller, buyer and lender.
  • The buyer is provided the keys to the property.

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