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Why is location king in real estate?

When buying a home, everyone has heard the old saying “location, location, location”.  So, what makes the location of a home its most important asset?

  1. Living in a low crime neighborhood gives buyers peace of mind.
  2. A home in a desired neighborhood more than likely has great schools.  Young families will more than likely be looking at the school system as a top priority.
  3. Everyone wants to be located close to work, shopping, and entertainment.  Property values are higher if you home is located to these areas.
  4. The closer your home is to public transportation and freeways, the more desirable your home will be.
  5. People like homes with a view and are willing to pay more for a view of a lake, beach, field or city.

If you home has any of these location amenities, consider yourself living is a very desirable “Location”.  We are Brighton Escrow and are proud to serve the Hermosa Beach, California area.  If you have questions regarding real estate escrow, let us help you out.  Contact us today.

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