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The Beach’s Benefits

real estate hermosa beach caHow Living By The Sea Can Improve Your Health

If you have ever sat on a beach at sunset, you know the impact a coastal view can have on your stress levels. It turns out, though, that there are benefits the beach can offer beyond just a weekend away. In fact, studies show that there are actually physical benefits of living by the beach. As if you needed any more reason to get as close as possible to the coast, research is showing that being in a water environment is good for health and well being.

The University of Exeter’s European Centre for the Environment and Human Health recently conducted studies to see how humans mentally and physically respond to seaside views. When showed pictures of the ocean, people reported that they felt increased relaxation.

The benefits are increased when people get to see the ocean in real life, and are even further enhanced by actually living on the coast. Exeter researchers found that moving from a non-coastal region to a location near the beach “significantly improves people’s well-being.”

If you needed any more reason to move to the beach, you can now cite scientific evidence as a motivating factor. In fact, is there any better reason to do anything than for your health? Do what is good for your emotional and physical health- move to the beach today!

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